How to customise macOS Monterey with custom icons for apps, folders and documents



How to customise macOS Monterey with custom icons for apps folders and documents

Apple has recently rolled out the latest macOS Menterey update to all the compatible Mac machines. The updated operating system brings several new features and changes including a new and fresh look and feel.

However, if you are out there looking for more customisation options, like changing the app icon, folders and documents can give a theme like a look and feel to the operating system.

Wondering how to do it and give your Mac a customised look, follow out step-by-step guide:


  • macOS Monterrey update
  • Icons to change in .jpg or .png format

Steps to change Mac icons for folders, apps and documents


Open Finder and navigate to Applications


Click on the app for which you want to change the icon.


Right-click and choose the Get info option. Alternatively, you can press command + I


On the Info page of that particular app, drag and drop the new icon image on the top of the existing one. Enter the password if asked.

In the case of apps, the icon change requires closing and reopening the app once. Folders and documents get updated instantly.

Steps to revert back to the original icon
If you are not liking the new icon image or simply want to revert back to the original one, here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

Open the Get Info page for that particular app, folder or document. Click on the icon and then press the delete button. The original icon will be back.



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