exynos: Samsung may have two options for the Galaxy S22 processor



Samsung may have two options for the Galaxy S22 processor

What is it going to be this time? Samsung enthusiasts are quizzical over the next chipset set to power the Galaxy S22 flagships. One rumour suggests that it is going to be a Snapdragon, the other says Samsung will stick to Exynos 2200. And the latest one says that the company may have plans to use both, as per a report by PhoneArena, based upon information gleaned from TheElec, a Korean website.

As per TheElec, Samsung is going to include Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200 both in the Galaxy S22 series based upon the regions. User in the US will get the Snapdragon 898-powered Galaxy S22 series, while those in Europe and South Korea will get the same units, the only difference being that they would be the company’s own Exynos 2200-powered.

If it is true, it looks like Samsung wants to play it safe by launching the same phone with different chipsets to get more customers to buy them. Since Samsung is taking away the option of choice by making the chipsets region specific, it might be a win for the company.

The earlier Exynos chipsets have not been received well by the customers with several issues like battery hogging and thermal throttling being reported. To make amends, Samsung roped in AMD and the new Exynos 2200 comes with an AMD GPU with RDNA architecture which is looking good on paper at least. On the other hand, the Snapdragon chipsets are generally seen as more powerful than the Exynos ones and the SD 898 will sure be a heavy draw for users in the US. That Samsung is going to cut back on its losses should anything unexpected occur looks most likely for now. We will have to wait for the official say by the company on which chipset it is going to power the Galaxy S22 devices with.



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