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WhatsApp is reportedly set to roll out a few new features in the upcoming updates for Android and Apple iOS platforms. These features have been spotted by WABetaInfo, a website that tracks upcoming features and changes in WhatsApp. While some of these features are available to users who are enrolled in WhatsApp beta program, some are located in leaks. Here is a list of WhatsApp features that you may be able to use on your devices soon.



Group chat feature called Communities

Communities feature will provide more control to the Group administrators. The feature is expected to provide the option to create Groups within Groups. It will be quite similar to how multiple channels are arranged under an umbrella Discord community. WABetaInfo further states that the Sub-Groups also appear to be end-to-end encrypted.



Ability to use WhatsApp on multiple devices even when there is no internet connection in your phone

Recently, the platform added multi-device feature for all beta users. The feature allows users to access the platform on multiple devices even if there is no connectivity on the main smartphone. Users can link a single WhatsApp account with up to four more devices.



New time limit for disappearing messages

WhatsApp introduced the disappearing messages feature last year. The feature allows users to send messages that disappear after a certain period of time. With the beta update, the company has added 90 days and 24 hours options for the feature. Till now, the disappearing messages are automatically removed after 7 days.



More controls for last seen, profile photo and other contact information

The feature will allow users to control who can see their Last seen, status, profile photo and About description on WhatsApp. This is the fourth option as the app already offers options like Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. Users will have to select the contacts who they don’t wish to share information with using the ‘My Contacts Expect’ option.



​Message reactions like Instagram and Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp is bringing message reactions similar to the ones available on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The feature allows users to react to messages. Users will just have to tap and hold a message that they want to react to and then drag their finger to the appropriate emoji. The reaction will appear below the text and will be visible to all members in the group.



​Listen to voice messages before sending, new interface

The possibility to listen to voice messages before sending them with a new nice UI. Users can listen to recorded voice messages before sending them. The company is adding a stop button and users can quickly listen to the voice message. If they don’t like the recorded voice message, they can delete it.



Contact card to get a new design

The contact card (the way your name appears when someone taps on it) too is getting a new design. The screenshots that have appeared show that WhatsApp has moved the info button next to the contact name, and the profile picture is no longer square.



Users will know if the emoji received does not open

WhatsApp is working on message reactions and also how users will see them. In case the reaction/emoji shared does not open in chat, WhatsApp will inform the user saying that the WhatsApp version running does not support receiving reactions.


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