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Tile today has refreshed its lineup of trackers, and it introduced a few new features that make it even more competitive with Apple’s own AirTags. The new features will also make it much easier for users to locate lost keys and other devices the Tile gets attached to. We’ve also compared both the AirTag vs Tile trackers, in case you’re interested in our findings.

The Tile Pro has a 400-foot (121 meters) Bluetooth range, and it’s got a new design with a key fob look. It can attach to keys, has a louder ring, and has IP67 water and dust resistance. The Tile Mate also received a new design update, and it also features a longer three-year battery life.


The Tile Mate, Sticker, and the Slim trackers have also received an upgraded Bluetooth range up to 250-foot (76 meters), and they are also louder and feature IP67 water and dust resistance. 

The “Lost and Found” network also received an update, and it now supports QR codes that are included on the back of every Tile device. If a lost Tile device is found, the person can scan the QR code to get the owner’s contact details and get in touch to return the lost item(s). All of the Tile devices feature the new QR code except the Sticker.

Weirdly enough, Apple’s lost AirTag features a very similar feature that lets people scan the AirTag with the NFC functionality. Even if Tile was inspired by this, it’s great to see additional functionality that lets users return and find lost devices, the benefits are great for the end-users.


The address unwanted tracking, Tile will also introduce a “Scan and Secure” feature that will help anyone with the Tile app detect nearby Tile devices. The feature will arrive on Android and iOS in early 2022.

Additionally, Tile will introduce the Tile Ultra tracker next that will use both Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technology that will offer more precise tracking. The Tile Ultra will use “Point and Locate” finding, and it’ll even offer an AR view with arrows to help users locate lost devices. This will look very similar to how the AirTags work on iPhones.

    Tile Mate (2020)

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