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We keep hearing news about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series of flagships, and we already know that the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus’ display is expected to be flatter and more rounded than the S21 Series. We’ve also seen a number of leaks of the Galaxy S22 Ultra showcasing the rear camera layout, renders, charging speed, and now also the display.

A new piece of information was shared by Ice Universe on Twitter. In the tweet, Ice says that the peak brightness of the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the brightest display yet from Samsung and an OLED display. The company will also likely not let this display to be used by other smartphone manufacturers and keep it exclusive for its own devices for a little while to entice more users into upgrading and switching.

Samsung has been working on brighter and more efficient OLED displays for a long time now, and the Galaxy S21 Series and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses the new, more efficient, and brighter OLED panels that were ready at the time to be used in flagship devices. This will change for the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, which will be the company’s most premium Galaxy flagship to come with the latest and the greatest innovations and components.

As an interesting fact, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra already peaks at an eye-watering 1500 nits of brightness, which is phenomenal for consuming HDR content on the large 6.8-inch AMOLED display. Sadly, the leak doesn’t mention the actual brightness in actual numbers, so we don’t know how much brighter it will be, but it has to be more than the Galaxy S21 Ultra if it wants to dethrone it.

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate flagship that has all of the power, design and flagship features that you ever wanted to have in a smartphone. If you want the best non-folding, true flagship experience, this is for you.

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