Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 6 Pro DEFINITIVE LEAKS, iPhone 13 Not Exciting? & more! (video)



The official news today begin with data breaches that happened earlier this week, and I hope Diego changed his password because this one happened to Twitch. On Tuesday, an anonymous user posted a 125 Gig torrent link on 4Chan, which he claimed had the entirety of Twitch and their commit history.. And, it was actually true. The torrent did bring the entirety of twitch.tv with their commit history, all of their consoles for mobile, desktop and video game clients. Various proprietary SDK and internal Amazon services used by Twitch, even the creator payouts that date back to 2019 that have some astronomical numbers. Heck, the leaker also claims to have some unreleased software that includes a Steam competitor called Vapor from Amazon Gaming Studios as well as hacking tools used by the company to stress-test their own network from security threats. Go figure… Clearly it has some flaws. Apparently the leaker is claiming this is only part one of the data leak, and so far we have no word from neither Amazon nor Twitch on the breach. If you’re a Twitch user, change your password and enable Two Factor Authentication, we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

Speaking on data breaches, let’s talk about some updates on the whole Facebook situations from earlier this week. Starting with the crash on Tuesday in which most of their services were down for about 6 hours. As a matter of fact, Telegram is claiming that over 70M people signed up for their service in that period of time since What’s App was down. Well, on a late night post, Zuckerberg said that there was a disruption to their network traffic that had a cascading effect on the way their data centers communicate, which brought their services to a halt. Facebook also says that the outage wasn’t due to a hack or a data leak and that there is no evidence that any user data was compromised. Now, speaking of user data compromises, let’s talk about the Whistleblower case. On Tuesday she testified before congress and showed the documents she gave to the Wallstreet Journal, and now we have a response from Zuckerberg. In an email sent to Facebook employees, he said that the narrative is being spread to paint a “false picture of the company” also writing that her clams “don’t make any sense”. He also goes on to say that the claims on them pushing content that makes people angry are highly illogical. This memo is available for you guys to see on Zuckerberg’s page and we have a full deep dive over at Pocketnow.com. And of course things don’t make sense to Mark. He’d have to create a tool that was not designed to cater to his insecurities for it to make sense. But I’m glad to see Congress is already considering legislation.

Let’s shift gears on to Apple and the iPhone 13 Series believe it or not… It’s been almost three weeks since the announcement and even though the phone is selling pretty well, to the point where Apple is struggling to keep up with orders, it seems that people aren’t too excited about it. According to a new SellCell report, 64% of respondents feel that the iPhone 13 line up is not very exciting at all.. This poll was conducted among 5000 United States iPhone users where only 14.4% users said that it was very exciting and 21.5% felt that it was somewhat exciting. Now, with all that being said, 23.3% did say that they intend to upgrade to an iPhone 13 model with the smaller 13 Pro being the most popular pick and the Pro Max following. Now, for those of you saying that the average consumer doesn’t really care about ProMotion displays, more than 1 third of the people willing to upgrade claim that the main reason for their upgrade is the 120Hz display and about 1 fourth of them want to upgrade due to battery life issues which I’ve noticed are a huge issue with the 12 Pro Series at least. Yes, we’re working on more iPhone content so stay tuned but, I agree with most of these people. If you’re coming from an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro. I wouldn’t be excited to dump my money on the 13 either, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad buy either.

Finally, for the hottest news today I mean, is there really anything else other than this crazy amount of Pixel leaks to cover right now? The company announced a couple of days ago that their Pixel 6 event will be happening on October 19th and since then.. There’s been a ton of stuff coming out. Starting with renders, Evan Blass has a huge gallery of official renders of the 6 and the 6 Pro on his Twitter that reveal everything, and I mean everything there is to know when it comes to design. We get to see the different colorways for both variants, screenshots of Android 12 and Material You design, as well as some lifestyle images that they’ll use for promo. Something very interesting from these images is the camera specs for the Pixel 6 Pro, confirming that it’ll include a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra wide, and a 48MP telephoto. But, moving on from these renders let’s talk pricing once again.. A German retailer called MediaMarkt just spilled the beans on the regular Pixel 6’s price, showing that it’ll be available for 649 Euros, and it’ll actually come with a pair of Bose 700’s if you pre-order with them. This listing also confirms that the pre-orders will start on the same day of October 19th and will end on the 27th, like leakers have mentioned before. Finally, and in a wild card kind of fashion, we have a sketchy rumor on other stuff we could be getting at this event. A tipster that goes by the name of Al claims that Google will also announce a Pixel Watch, a Pixel Fold and new Nest speakers at their October 19th Event, and he even throws the possibility of a Pixel Tablet. And, considering we don’t really know this guy, let’s take it with a huge grain of salt. Fine a truck load of salt.

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