New HTC VR headset reportedly coming this week, company working on its own virtual world


Remember HTC? The company that once made beautifully carved metal smartphones entered the VR business a while back. Now, according to a new report from Protocol, HTC is planning to launch its new VR headset this week. The VR headset from HTC will reportedly be called Vive Flow. It’ll primarily be a “lightweight consumer” media consumption device “with access to some casual gaming,” Protocol says.

The “casual gaming” bit means the VR headset will likely ship without gaming controllers and will be less powerful than its competitors, such as Oculus’ Quest 2. HTC will reportedly unveil the device in a virtual event on October 14. The company is currently running the Vive Flow event promotion with the “Go with the Flow” tagline.

The device, which was reportedly codenamed “Hue” within HTC, will feature 6-degree freedom tracking according to the report. It will make the HTC Vive Flow “more immersive than Facebook’s discontinued Oculus Go device,” says Protocol.

Image Credits: The Verge

In addition to Vive Flow, HTC is reportedly working on its own virtual world called Viveport Verse. The report claims that you’ll be able to your own 3D avatar and explore “a variety of events” in HTC’s metaverse. Moreover, HTC is planning to bring an “NFT showroom” to Viveport Verse. The HTC virtual world won’t be exclusive to Vive devices, though. The report claims that consumers will be able to access Viveport Verse through desktop devices, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and VR headsets.

Source: Protocol

Via: The Verge

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