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How to locate and lock your lost Windows laptop

Just like you can remotely locate your lost or stolen Android or iOS device via Apple and Google’s ‘Find My Device’ feature, Windows laptops too can be tracked using Microsoft Find My Device feature in case it’s lost or stolen.

However, laptops and smartphones are two different devices. Smartphones are meant to be always connected either via telecom network or Wi-Fi and that makes things a lot easier to locate. Laptops on the other hand are not meant to be always connected and that’s what makes tracking a lost or stolen laptop tough.

Microsoft’s ‘Find My Device’ feature aims to make this easy. With this, users can lock their devices remotely. The feature works with almost every device including PCs and laptops including Surface devices.

So, if you are wondering how to go about activating this on your PC or laptop, here’s step-by-step guide:


  • Location services must be enabled
  • Working internet connection
  • Windows PC need to linked to Microsoft Account with administrator access for this to work
  • The feature does not work with school or work account

Steps to enable Find My Device on Windows laptops
There are two ways to enable Find My Device on a Windows laptop. The first one is while setting up the device and the second option is from Settings. We will stick to the second method here.


Open Settings app on your laptop


Head to Update & Security and tap on Find My Device option


Enable the toggle

Steps to locate your lost or stolen Windows laptop
Head to and login using the same Microsoft account that’s linked to your laptop

Select Find My Device tab
Choose the device you want to find and then select Find to see a map showing your device’s location.

Steps to lock your Windows device remotely
When you find your device on the map, select Lock ->
Next. Your device will be locked.



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