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Google unveiled Android 12L just yesterday and officially released Android 12 not long ago to Pixel devices and other OEMs. The new Android 12L feature drop is aiming to tackle and support tablets and foldable devices better, and while it does all that, it also allows us to see what Google is working on in the background. A new feature was found called Nearby Calling that lets users transfer calls from their devices to Google Nest devices.

As reported by Mishaal Rahman, Android 12L will get a new app called “Cross-Device Communication Service,” and it provides an inside look at how the nearby calling feature will work on Pixel phones and Google Nest Hub products (via XDA-Developers).

The Nearby Calling page says that “by linking your phone, you can access calls from phone directly from Nest hub when you’re nearby.” It then shows three other options such as:

  • Incoming Call: Receive calls on Nest Hub when your phone is at home
  • Call Transfer: Quickly move calls between your phone and Nest Hub
  • Voice Initiation: Start calls with voice. Try saying “Google Google, call Simone on WhatsApp”

The new Nearby Calling feature will let users receive incoming calls and directly handle it on their Google Nest Hub devices while they’re at home. It’s a great way to put someone on a particular speaker when wanting to go hands-free and when privacy isn’t an issue. There will also be an option to transfer calls back and forth between the Nest Hub and Pixel phones, making it easier to decide which option is best at a specific moment. The new feature isn’t working yet, and it’s likely under development for the time being. 

We don’t know when the Nearby Calling feature will roll out, and whether it’ll be available to other devices from other OEMs. We’ll keep you updated when we see anything promising or any new features found and added in future Android versions.

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