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From what we’ve seen so far from all the leaks and all the hype that Google is building up for its Pixel Fall Event, we can safely assume the Pixel 6 Series will be some of the most anticipated devices in 2021. Google seems to take the smartphone business more seriously than ever before, and it shows with all of the leaked advertisements and other campaigns it has been running for months. A new report claims that Google may produce 7 million Pixel 6 units.

According to a new report by Nikkei Asia, the “most aggressive move yet by Google to ramp up its smartphone output” will make Google produce more than 7 million Pixel 6 devices. The report doesn’t mention how many of these units would be the standard Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro devices. The report also mentions that Google planned to produce 5 million Pixel 5a units (via 9to5Google). The company shipped fewer devices last year, which was likely due to the worldwide situation and the fact that it launched a mid-ranger instead of a usual high-end flagship smartphone.

The report also mentions that “Google is attempting to capitalize on its position as the only U.S. maker of smartphones running on the Android operating system,” which isn’t too surprising since it has been doing it for years in order to make certain features more “exclusive” to the Pixel lineup, bringing it to other devices later, or not at all.

Google is also rumored to be working on its custom CPUs for ChromeOS and other Chromebooks and tablets, rumored to be available sometime in 2023. If true, it could potentially compete more closely with other Windows and Mac devices and offer a similar close integration as Apple or Samsung does with its devices. Google is reported to be working on a new generation of Pixelbook, although we have no information on when it may become available.

What are your thoughts about Google potentially delivering over 7 million Pixel 6 devices? Will you consider picking one up? Let us know in the comments!

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