Galaxy S21 FE allegedly launching in January, Galaxy S22 series delayed?



It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE isn’t as dead as we thought. Rumors suggested that Samsung had decided not to launch the more affordable variant of the S21 series because of the ongoing chip shortage. So, it was strange to see the allegedly canceled device pop up at the FCC. However, the latest information would help us understand the situation, as it explains that the S21 FE will still launch, just not as soon as we expected. And this would also affect the possible launch date of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

According to new information from a couple of well-known leakers, we may see some changes in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 series launch times. Ice Universe had tweeted that the Galaxy S21 FE would launch alongside the Galaxy S22 by the end of December or in January. However, he seems to have changed his mind about this information since the Tweet was later deleted. Still, Roland Quandt’s tweet suggests that the company is getting everything ready for the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE.

This may be a bit confusing after everything that has been said about the S21 FE. We know that Samsung has already removed mentions of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE from its support pages. But you can still get a free mystery gift with the purchase of a new S21 FE or other Samsung Galaxy devices at the company’s UK site. And if you live in the Netherlands, you can also get four months of YouTube Premium for free with the purchase of this device. This makes us realize that Samsung never made an official statement saying that the S21 FE was dead.

Still, we can’t understand why Samsung would launch the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE alongside the new Galaxy S22 series. But let’s remember that previous rumors also suggest that Samsung may have decided to push back the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 to the end of February, to make an appearance during the next MWC. This would give the S21 FE enough time in the market, well, in some markets, as this device could also have limited availability.

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