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It wasn’t unexpected but perhaps the timing was a bit of a surprise. Apple sent out media invites for an online event that will take place on October 18. Traditionally, Apple holds an event towards the end of October and gives at least 10-odd days’ ‘notice’ but the “Unleashed” event is less than a week away now. Anticipation is hight about an all-new M1 processor and new MacBook Pro models that are expected to arrive. There might be a surprise or two as well and here we tell you what to expect from Apple’s October 18 event:



​What to expect: New 14-inch MacBook Pro

It will be five years since Apple ‘redesigned’ the MacBook Pro. Rumours suggest that there will be a 14-inch MacBook Pro unveiled at the event. Currently, Apple has 16-inch and 13-inch models in its MacBook Pro line up.



​What to expect: New 16-inch MacBook Pro

Along with the MacBook Pro 14-inch, a 16-inch model is also expected to be unveiled at the event.



​What to expect in MacBook Pro: HDMI ports, SD card reader, no TouchBar

The redesign of the MacBook Pro line up may entail addition of the HDMI ports and an SD card reader. Currently, Apple only gives Type-C ports (four of them) in the MacBook Pro. However, the new MacBook Pro models are expected to get new ports along with the Type-C ones.



​What to expect in MacBook Pro: Say goodbye to the TouchBar

Apple’s TouchBar on the MacBook has always divided opinion as there are some who absolutely love it and can’t live without whereas there are others who loathe and would rather prefer physical keys. If rumours are to be believed, it’s the latter who may have ‘won’ as Apple seems to be ready to ditch the TouchBar.



​What to expect in MacBook Pro: Mini-LED display, improved webcam

The upcoming MacBook Pro could have mini-LED displays that may offer up to 120Hz of refresh rate. Further, the webcam is also expected to have 1080p webcams, which will be upgrade on the current 720p.



​What to expect in MacBook Pro: MagSafe charging, new charging brick

Apple may bring back MagSafe charging in favour of the Type-C currently found in MacBook. It is also expected that Apple could make the charger smaller in size but it’s not known how many watts it will support.



​All-new M1 processor: Likely to be called M1X

Last year in November, Apple launched its own silicone-based processor called M1. This year it has been suggested that its successor — rumoured to be called M1X — will arrive.



​M1 processor: More RAM support

Currently, the M1 processor comes with maximum 16GB of RAM. Previous generation Intel-powered MacBooks went up to 32GB of RAM. Rumours suggest that the M1X processor could offer support of up to 64GB RAM. If true then it will be quite a quantum leap for MacBook Pro.



​New AirPods: Might be the ‘one more thing’

Rumours about Apple launching a new variant of AirPods have been doing the rounds for a while now. It was expected that new AirPods will come with the iPhone 13 series but that didn’t happen. Perhaps this will be the event where new AirPods could finally arrive.


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