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The home-gym culture is getting more popular each day as it’s comfortable and convenient for anyone who is interested in fitness. Buying gym equipment to use at home is a cost-effective way to boost the health of your entire family. While it may look easy to finalise suitable gym equipment, it is actually a very complicated task. The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 sale is offering huge discounts on home gym equipment and we have compiled a list of products that you can get with up to 50% discount.


Flexnest exercise bike: Available at Rs 26,099 (original price Rs 59,999)

Flexnest’s Bluetooth enabled smart exercise bike connects with Flexnest App available on Android and iOS platforms and helps you track your daily workout as it compiles all your data such as time, speed, distance, burned calories, resistance and more. Once you fix your smartphone or tablet at the front of the bike, you can also enjoy on-demand workout and virtual rides.



Healthex Pedal Exerciser: Available at Rs 1,549 (original price Rs 2,999)

Healthex Pedal Exerciser can be used to tone your muscles and it allows you to adjust the tension level with the tension knob. The display on the product shows workout time, number of rotations completed, estimated burn calories, rotations per minute. It is foldable which makes it suitable for home-gym as it is easy to store.



Gafuns jump rope: Available at Rs 4,323 (original price Rs 5,836)

Gafuns jump rope is unlike any other available in the market. The handle of this skipping rope comes with a digital screen that calculates and displays the number of jumps, calories burned along with the distance equivalent to the calories burned. It comes with an adjustable 9.8 feet rope that can be removed to use just the handle for calculations in small spaces. The company also touts the ball-bearings inside the handle.



Reach AB-110 Air Bike: Available at Rs 6,999 (original price Rs 13,000)

Reach AB-110 Air Bike exercise cycle provides a full-body workout supporting 100kg. It has a tracker and an LCD that allows you to scan modes and track your time, distance, speed, and calories burned as you exercise. The cycle also gets a twister attached at the front and the handlebars also work as a support for that.



Durafit Heavy-Hike treadmill: Available at Rs 34,598 (original price Rs 59,999)

Durafit Heavy-Hike treadmill gets 48 preset HIIT training programs along with Target and Chase modes that can be used by people working towards weight loss. Equipped with various sensors, the treadmill gets 16 levels of auto inclination and speed range. It also gets an LCD screen that displays time, speed, distance, calories and pulse. The company claims that the 2.5 HP motor on the machine generates very low noise.



HealthSense Fitdays BS 171: Available at Rs 1,649 (original price Rs 3,000)

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 weighing scale comes with various sensors and electrodes and it measures 13 essential body composition readings. It comes with a Fitdays app that is available on Android and iOS platforms. The app pairs and syncs with other fitness trackers to provide you in-depth information. The scale along with the app can keep track of 24 different users.



Flexnest FlexiBell: Available at Rs 8,699 (original price Rs 19,998)

This adjustable dumbbell is priced at Rs 9,999 and is ideal for home use travel.The product comes with selection dials for adjusting weights. The weights adjust from 2.5 to 24 Kgs in 1-1.5 Kg increments. The company claims that 1 FlexiBell is equivalent to 15 different dumbbells as it packs 15 different weights. The dumbbell can be stored easily and used as per the weight requirement.

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