The new iPad mini 6 has a jelly scrolling display problem


Apple announced its smaller iPad Air, the iPad mini 6, last week. The latest small tablet from Apple features a smaller chassis with a bigger display, fast internals, high-grade cameras, and more. The tablet went on sale last week and now has made it to the customers’ hands. However, a lot of customers are reporting a “jelly scrolling” display issue with the new iPad mini.

Commonly referred to as the Jelly Scrolling issue, it’s a problem in which one side of the iPad mini display is refreshing slower than the other side. The issue is quite noticeable and makes everything look wobbly. The Verge’s director, Dieter Bohn, has also reported the same issue by sharing a slo-mo video to showcase how it looks.


There’s no word on whether the issue can be fixed via a software update or is it a hardware issue. Interestingly, the iPad mini seems to have the issue whereas no such issue was reported on the iPad Air. There’s no new display tech involved like the iPad Pro which makes the case even stranger. Moreover, the issue only seems to exist when using iPad mini in portrait mode.

9to5Mac says that it could be a hardware issue if the display controllers are mounted on the side rather than the bottom or top. “It is possible that the display signals are simply reaching half of the screen faster, in which case the problem would be an inherent consequence of the hardware design,” says their report.

Apple is yet to comment on the situation.

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