Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to come with a built-in S Pen



Well, it seems that we can expect significant changes in upcoming Samsung Galaxy devices. Earlier this week, we received information suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S series would become the new Galaxy Note. This may sound a bit hard to believe, as we recently saw that Samsung did not renew its Galaxy Note trademark. Still, that does not mean that the new Samsung Galaxy S22, or at least one of its variants, could not adopt several features of the ‘dead’ Galaxy Note series.

According to the well-known leaker, Ice Universe, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a built-in S Pen. This isn’t the first time we have received this kind of information, as Ice Universe had already suggested that the “Note is over, but it’s not over. S becomes Note!” This information also makes us believe that the higher-end Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would not have to use a case to hold the S Pen in place. Instead, this idea would be to fit the S Pen inside the chassis of the device.

Further, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would also feature an S Pen detector, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, meaning that the device would be able to tell when a user when the stylus is in its place inside the smartphone or not. This could also help to activate specific actions or special features.

Still, there’s plenty of time between today and the possible launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which means that anything can happen. We will also be on the lookout for further leaks and more information that may confirm the ‘return’ of the Galaxy Note. Maybe the guys over at Samsung decided to hear its fans and tried to give them at least a new device that may feel like the Note.

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