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Earlier today, we saw a concept which suggested that Samsung could re-launch the Galaxy Note series in a foldable format as “Galaxy Flex Note.” Though it seems pretty far-fetched and might be sometime before it’s implemented in a real device, the popular leaker Ice universe has suggested that the Galaxy Note series isn’t dead. The leaker suggests that the “Samsung Galaxy S becomes Note!”

In a tweet, Ice universe has said that the Note isn’t dead. He says that the company’s flagship S series will replace the Note series. While the leaks earlier suggested that Samsung has given up on Note — the company hasn’t renewed the “Note” trademark — it doesn’t seem the case.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
    Get your hands on what could be the last iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note series

The company might take the Galaxy Z Fold 3 route with the next Galaxy S series device wherein the Note, or the S Pen, functionality is built right into the phone’s display. If that’s the case, Samsung will bake the S Pen support right into its next S series phone. The company could then offer special cases, like the one that comes with Galaxy Z Fold 3, that has a void/storage area for keeping the S Pen. This would make the Note series irrelevant. While the company hasn’t uttered an official word about the Note lineup, this is our best guess.

Samsung is set to announce its new S series smartphone, the Galaxy S22, sometime next year. While no flashy features like an under-display camera are expected, significant upgrades are said to be coming — S Pen support might be one of the big upgrades. Do you think Samsung will kill the Note lineup and bring S Pen support to the Galaxy S22? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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