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Private Relay on iPhone How to enable and things you should keep in mind

Apple iCloud Private Relay is among the most interesting security and privacy features that Apple introduced with iOS15 at WWDC this year. The feature was introduced as a part of iCloud+ and is now available in iOS 15 and iPad OS15 devices in beta.

What usually happens when you browse the internet, then the service provider knows about certain details like DNS, IP address, location, etc and that can be used to determine your identity and create a profile. The most common solution for this is using VPN, which masks certain details from the service provider.

Private Relay in general appears to be a tweaked version of VPN which basically masks the IP address and location of the users to offer better privacy. But it is simply more than that in terms of functionality as well as security. Apple went a little further with Private Relay and used two separate internet relays to make the entire thing more secure and according to the company, even Apple does not know about users details or their browsing details.

Wondering how to enable the Private Relay feature on your iPhone? Follow our step-by-step guide:


  • iPhone running iOS 15 or later
  • iPad running iPad OS 15 or later
  • Working internet connection
  • iCloud+ subscription is a must as the feature is a part of it
  • The feature only works with Safari web browser

Disclaimer: The feature is still in the beta phase so there can be some hiccups.

Steps to enable Private Relay in iPhone


Open Settings app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15


Tap on your name at the top and then choose iCloud option


Under iCloud option, tap on Private Relay


No, toggle on iCloud Private Relay option


After this, you will be asked to choose from two options — Maintain General Location or Use Country and Time Zone.

Maintain General Location: This option allows websites to show localised content in Safari, but hides the IP address.
Use Country and Time Zone: This option is more private and uses a broader location for IP address but within the country and time zone.

Things to keep in mind with Private Relay feature
Private Relay does not affect the browsing experience and it is only meant to offer more privacy.

Some websites, networks or services might not work with Private Relay especially if they rely on IP address or browsing activity.
Some websites might show content that does not belong to your region.
Private Relay feature will automatically turn off if you travel to a region where the service isn’t available.



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