Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 6 Pro LEAKED Hands On, Galaxy Note Merges into S & more! (video)



First, well we have Samsung announcing their new 200 megapixel ISOCELL sensor and all of its capabilities. Links to all that in the description. Thing is, it’s usually at this time that we hear about the sensors for the next Galaxy S, so just keep that article in mind for the future. Now if you thought this was the whole collaboration we heard about with Olympus, actually no. SamMobile claims this project took a back seat, and maybe indefinitely. Maybe Samsung realized that it didn’t really need to pay for branding on its already great photos. We’ll see how that evolves.

But, moving on to official news, let’s talk Microsoft! The company had their Surface Event today where we got a ton of hardware and pleasant surprises. We have a full list of everything we got and dedicated articles at Pocketnow.com but, for the sake of brevity let’s focus on the Surface Duo 2 which stole most of the show.. After the Surface Duo flopped last year due the dumpster fire it was, it looks like Microsoft heard loud and clear because this one in paper seems great. It features two 5.8-inch PixelSense Fusion Displays that extend to an 8.3-inch Canvas. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 888 5G, 8 Gigs of RAM, up to half a terabyte a storage and a 4449 mAh battery that supports 23W charging. I know, it sounds kind of small for a phone with 2 displays but Microsoft is claiming you can get up to 15 and a half hours of video playback. The cameras are getting some much needed improvements with 3 sensors now all of 12 megapixels with decent specs in primary, ultrawide and telephoto, along with Time of Flight in case you thought that was dead. We even get 4K video at 60fps. It now brings a sideview display on the hinge for notifications which looks pretty neat and it also supports the Surface Pen. But alright, at I’m not saying it’s not worth the $1500 asking price. I just want to test it first, and hopefully before Zack gets a stab at it. We’ll see.

Ok, Samsung time again, and this time let’s talk Galaxy Note Series for a weird moment. Late last night we got a new report from SamMobile claiming that Samsung could relaunch the Galaxy Note Series into a foldable format, by calling it the Galaxy Flex Note. Seriously, Samsung…. just call it Galaxy Note. No need for a verb to be part of the name. They also shared some concept renders of an outward folding device that would have the S Pen tucked at the back. They claim that Samsung filed a patent for this design back in April of last year. On a separate report, but sort of related, we also have a new tweet from Ice Universe claiming that, the Galaxy Note as we currently know it is dead, but it’s not over entirely. He mentions that the S Series will become the Note. He didn’t provide any other information but we’ve been hearing rumors of this happening for years. I know people weren’t really a fan of the S21 Ultra approach and having to carry the S-Pen separately but, I think this is a really smart move from Sammy. Whether that happens early in the year during S season, or later during foldable season is yet to be seen.

And for the hottest news today, let’s talk about the Google Pixel 6 Pro. How many of you were placing bets over how long this was gonna take? Well, after Google announced it some time ago, we’ve had some leaks here and there on the specs, a ton of billboards and it’s even on display at the Google Store in NYC. Literally all we were missing was the hands on video we finally got today. It’s just a quick 8 seconds from This is Tech Today. The video begins with the start up display that says “Welcome to your Pixel” and has some animations that go in line with what we’ve seen from leaked wallpapers. When you turn it around we get to see the grey color variant and don’t worry, this is a pre-production unit which explains the flipped out logo. Most importantly, we can see the triple camera array which, looks okay I guess. He also posted a video on YouTube where he showed the device running the CPU-Z app which serves as confirmation for the specs on Google’s upcoming Tensor chip. It shows that it has a 2+2+4 CPU configuration and also provides some clock speeds which you can see on the display. According to multiple sources, we can expect the Pixel 6 to be available for pre-orders on October 19th with it hitting stores on the 28th so, it looks like we’re only a few days away from some sort of announcement.

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