Meet Astro – Amazon’s Real Life version of Wall-E



I can honestly say that I was surprised by the announcement of Amazon’s new Astro. I was seriously expecting new smart displays, smart speakers, and more, but this little robot came as a shocker. Amazon created this new product to help customers in new ways at home.

Amazon has officially announced its first-ever robot for the home. Its name is Astro, and it doesn’t resemble Astro Boy. Instead, it looks a lot like Wall-E. Astro is designed to help customers perform several actions at home, and it will also work together with the rest of your Amazon devices to keep everything in check.

“Astro is a new and different kind of robot, one that’s designed to help customers with a range of tasks like home monitoring and keeping in touch with family. It brings together new advancements in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor technology, and voice and edge computing in a package that’s designed to be helpful and convenient.”

This new little robot will help you to check in on your home, as it will move autonomously around your home, checking specific areas and show you any place in your home through the Astro app. It will also work with Alexa Guard to detect the sound of an alarm, or glass breaking, sending an alert message to users. It will help you take care of elderly relatives in case you need someone to set and deliver reminders or use Drop In to stay connected.

Astro will also work with Ring to patrol your home when you’re away. In addition, it will automatically save video clips to Ring’s cloud storage, and remember that you can view these videos anywhere in the Ring or Astro apps. Finally, we also get Alexa support, meaning that you will also get all the benefits of your digital assistant.

Astro will also deliver a fun, entertaining, and engaging experience. It comes with its own personality, meaning that interactions will be great and will only get better with time. It features digital eyes on its rotating screen, body movements, and expressive tones to communicate. This little guy will cost $1,500, but you will be able to get one for as low as $1,000 with a six-month trial of the Ring Project Pro subscription as part of the Day 1 Edition’s program. However, you must act fast, as Amazon’s new robot will be available in limited quantities.

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