iPhone 13 and older models are being affected by several issues after iOS 15 update



It seems that iOS 15 wasn’t as ready as we expected. The final version of iOS was released on Monday, 20, and it appears that it has started to cause some trouble. Several iPhone 13 users have reported intermittent touch issues, sensitivity problems with some apps, inability to unlock the devices, and more.

Apple could be getting ready to deliver the first iOS 15 update to fix everything wrong with the current version. Some of the new iPhone 13 users have started to report intermittent touch issues on their new phones. This problem causes the device to ignore touch input by the user. This first issue is usually fixed after taping the display repeatedly until the device recognizes touch input or after users choose to restart their phones.

This issue also affects the phone’s tap to wake feature, meaning that your iPhone 13 won’t respond after tapping the screen to wake. iPhone users have gone over to Reddit, Twitter, MacRumors Forums, and Apple Support to complain about these issues. These complaints also mention that the issue sometimes affects the whole display, while in-app touch input sometimes seems lacking around the device’s corners. We have also seen other issues, including Mail app crashes, Watch not recognized, and more. Previous issues also mention problems with device storage, Apple Music, Widgets, and the whole Spotify draining your phone’s battery faster than it should.

The good news is that this issue seems to be linked with iOS 15, as previous iPhone models are also being affected after the software update. Whatever the case, you may want to wait a bit longer to update your device to the latest version of iOS. And if you have an iPhone 13, you will need to wait a bit since the release of a new iOS 15.1 may arrive soon.

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