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Apple released iOS 15 to the general public earlier this week. Even though it doesn’t ship with all the features Apple announced on the stage, the new software brings quite a lot of features to the iPhone operating system, such as Live Text, redesigned notification system, offline Siri, and much more. However, the lack of features seems to have hit the iOS 15 adoption rate.

According to a report from the analytics company Mixpanel, around 8.5% of the iOS users installed iOS 15 as of Wednesday at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time. For comparison, iOS 14 was installed on 14.5% of iOS users in the same time period when it was released.

Remember that the data isn’t official. Mixpanel measures iOS adoption based on visits to websites and apps that use its mobile analytics SDKs. Despite the data not being official, Mixpanel has previously correctly measured iOS adoption rates.

One of the factors for low iOS 15 adoption rates can be that not all the iOS 15 features are available as of now. Features like SharePlay are missing in the iOS 15 stable release. Moreover, iOS 15 seems quite buggy as of now. App crashes are quite common and the operating system isn’t as smooth as we would have liked a major stable release to be.

Have you installed iOS 15 on your iPhone? How’s your experience been? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Via: MacRumors

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