Digital Health ID is like an ‘Aadhaar card’ for your medical history: What it will do, how does it work and all details | Gadgets Now



Yes, you can delete permanently or deactivate it. As per the website, “ABDM now supports a feature that enables any participating user to opt out of the ABDM ecosystem. On availing the feature, a user can permanently delete or temporarily deactivate their Health ID. In case of deactivation, a user can later choose to reactivate their Health ID.”

On deletion, your Health ID will be permanently deleted, along with all your demographic details. You will not be able to retrieve any information tagged to your Health ID in future. You will never be able to access ABDM applications or any health records over the ABDM network with your deleted Health ID.On deactivation, you will lose access to all ABDM applications for the period of deactivation. Until you reactivate your Health ID, you will not be able to share your Health ID at any health facility or share your health records over the ABDM network.


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