Cooler Master MM710 Review: Floats like a butterfly




The gaming mice segment is clearly divided among two camps at the moment, one that likes to have all the bells and whistles while the other being interested in mice that are lightweight and track well. The Cooler Master MM710 falls in the latter category but it does away with all the bulk in order to be ultralight and at 53g, it’s got that sorted pretty well. One look at the honeycomb mesh design is a very good indicator of that fact. And because it’s open to the elements in this fashion, the PCBA sports a dust-proof coating which also adds a little splash resistance. The MM710 comes with the PixArt PMW 3389 which is the top of the line from PixArt that can track at 400 IPS even at an acceleration of 50G, so those performing flick shots are going to love this one. We found the tracking to be quite exceptional at low acceleration as well as at high acceleration and there was no angle snapping. The combination of the paracord with the lightweight design and the PTFE feet makes the MM710 glide across the surface like butter. On top of that, the lift-off distance is just under 2.4 mm. For the left and right-click buttons, the MM710 uses Omron switches. The encoder is by ALPS and the scroll wheel button uses a Kailh switch. Lastly, the thumb switches are by YT. For someone who doesn’t require all the frills but just an excellent tracking mouse, the MM710 is one of the best ones you can get.


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